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Close-up magic

Close-up magic


Introducing the wonderful Christopher Pickett – a magician who specialises in close up card magic. He can walk around and entertain your guests with his fun and interactive displays either during your drinks reception or turnaround time.

He will interact with your guests and blow their minds with his incredible magic whilst you have your pictures taken or are busy mingling with your loved ones.

You can also schedule a special performance for you as the happy couple so that you can make the most of your entertainment together too.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I add extra magic to my entertainment?

A. Yes! Christopher can add a show for all guests to the entertainment time. Get in touch if you would like to discuss this with us further. 

Q. How many hours will Chris be booked for?

A. The price covers close-up magic for your guests for 2 hours. Depending on guests numbers this should be adequate time for the majority of guests to experience Christophers magic! Additional hours can be booked at £100 per hour.

Let’s hear more from Chris himself:
“Hi there! My name is Christopher Pickett, but you can call me Maestro. I’m a close up magician, and potential performer for your perfect day.

I specialise in the humble pack of 52 playing cards, universally recognised and beloved by many. Paired with my friendly nature and just a dash of dry humour, I tell engaging stories that captivate as much as they entertain. I will always be lighthearted yet professional, with an air of mysticism throughout every effect.
I found my passion for magic on a summer holiday many moons ago, when I realised I couldn’t shuffle cards at all. It had always been my parents that had dealt for me when we played games, and I wanted to join in. Instead of doing the sensible thing at the time and simply asking Mum and Dad how it was done, I looked up ‘how to shuffle cards’ online, and fell down the biggest virtual rabbit hole of my life.
Nowadays I rely on books, which are far more structured and concise than the chaos of the internet, and provide a firm foundation for the magic I wish to perform for you today”



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