Given the current global situation, many couples are faced with a difficult decision. Whether to postpone their wedding or whether to plan an alternate type of day to the one they originally envisioned. The new government guidelines state that weddings should have a maximum of 15 guests. This guidance is likely to stay in place over the Autumn and Winter seasons. Whilst some may be disappointed with the news, for some it may provide the opportunity to have the intimate wedding of their dreams.

We have been discussing all things ‘intimate wedding’ with many of our couples who face this decision. We have a few of our thoughts to share with you!

What shall we consider when planning our intimate wedding?

Smaller weddings in which you are surrounded by your closest loved ones are growing in popularity this year. There are many benefits to choosing to have your wedding in this way.

One of which is that it gives you the opportunity to add more personal experiences to your special day. It may be that you have always wanted to have handmade touches for your guests, this is much more achievable with an intimate number of guests.

It may be that you can now spend your budget on your priorities as opposed to budgeting for lots of meals. For example, hiring a videographer to capture the special moments you and your loved ones share may be a priority now.

You may also consider having a weekday wedding as opposed to a weekend. Assuming that your closest ones work in professions that would allow, having an intimate wedding during the week will save money whilst you still have the perfect day with your loved ones.

Creating the day that you want!

Consider your venue – on the Isle of Wight we have a range of beautiful venues that are perfectly set up for an intimate wedding. ‘Proper Vintage‘, a wedding hire company, created a beautiful intimate wedding setting at Gastronomy in Cowes.

Perhaps you have a favourite restaurant that you like to go to together? Or a favourite bar? One of the the best parts about having an intimate wedding is that you really can create the day of your dreams.

It may be that you had always wanted a specific type of wedding transport? Having a greater budget will enable these dream touches to become reality!

You may want to consider how props can help add to the beautiful atmosphere of your intimate wedding. For example, our LOVE letters add a beautiful glow to any venue. This will help enhance the ‘wedding feel’ and will give your guests a prop to pose with for those treasured photographs.

photo frame

When considering how to create those treasured photographs you may also wish to consider our DIY photo booth. The photo frame enables your guests to capture some fun moments from your special day. You could even ask your photographer to take photos of your guests with it framing the shots!

There are so many ways in which you can make your intimate wedding the day that you have dreamed of. If you want to chat about it further then don’t hesitate to get in touch!