Are you in the process of planning your wedding, children’s party or other type of event? Looking for ways in which every guest can be entertained? Looking for something to make your event stand out? Considering entertainment that can go through the day into the evening? Look no further, our mini golf set hire on the Isle of Wight meets all the requirements!

mini golf with guests

Why should you hire a mini golf set for your event?

Mini Golf Hire reason one – It is a way to entertain guests of all ages!

Each event that we have attended usually have a wide age range, whether that’s at a children’s birthday party, wedding, fete or other type of event. Whether you have a few young toddlers running around to entertain or whether you have Nan and Grandad to think about – our mini golf hire will suit them all! We have clubs in a variety of sizes to suit everyone.

Many of the events that we hire our mini golf for on the Isle of Wight are all day into the evening events. The fact that the set is suitable for ages is ideal for if you have an event running during the day into the evening as guests of all ages can come and go. If you’re at a wedding you’ll often find the groomsmen there late into the evening!

mini golf with guests playing

Mini Golf Hire reason two – It has a very flexible set up!

We have handcrafted our mini golf course on the Isle of Wight with our wedding experience in mind. We created it so that in terms of size it can make an event look ‘stand out’ when you have it set out over space on a lawn or field. Each hole is individual so that we can set up in a way that suits your event. Need the holes spread out over different spaces? No problem! Would like some set up inside? No problem for us, just check with your venue. We created it with our customers in mind so that you can create your event in the way that you want.

mini golf set up East Afton

Mini Golf Hire reason three – the nostalgia!

On the Isle of Wight we have a variety of fun mini golf courses that you can attend, such as Shanklin and Sandown seafronts ( Many of your event attendees will have lovely memories of summers spent playing on mini golf courses. It is often an activity for a fun family afternoon out – bring all of that nostalgia to your wedding or event!

People certainly will be talking about your wedding, children’s party or other type of event for years to come with all the wonderful nostalgia that our entertaining mini golf set will bring!

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