10. Add some friendly competition!

Adding some fun competition into your wedding can be a great way to get people having lighthearted fun together. This will give guests an excuse to get mingling. 

Could you design a drinking game for during the speeches or add some other types of fun games to your tabletops?

A fun idea is this table trivia game from Ginger Ray – check the link out and see what you think!



9. Think outdoor fun!

Picture the scene – it’s a beautiful day, all of your favourite people are out in the sun having a laugh playing mini golf. Most importantly you’ve just married the love of your life and can celebrate that love! Dreamy!

Make sure you check out our fun hire and see what you think https://wightentertainment.co.uk/mini-golf/


mini golf with guests

8. It’s all about the photo ops

In a world where social media plays a special part in our lives – it’s a good idea to think about what photographs your guests will be able to capture for momentos of your special day. 

The backdrop and lighting play an important role here. Look for spots around your venue that would create a beautiful photograph or consider hiring a backdrop. There are some stunning options such as flower walls, arches, frames and more. 

Fancy making it even more entertaining? Hire a box of props & give your guests even more fun!

7. Carrying on the photo theme…

A photo booth has become a wedding staple for good reason. They both give your guest a stunning wedding favour to keep and give you and your new spouse all the fun memories to look back on to too. Hiring a photo booth is ideal too as it already has the lighting and background sorted! If you hire an alternative make sure you consider what the background to the photos will be.

photo booth props

6. Pimp your proseco 

Adding a ‘make your own’ drink bar has become a fun trend in recent years. It gives your guests something entertaining to do whilst they create their own cocktail. You could add edible glitter, syrups, juices and more…

Make sure you check with your venue regarding a corkage charge. However if this is possible it can be a cost effective way to give all of your guests welcome drinks without breaking the budget.

5. Spin the wheel!

What we love about this entertainment idea is how personalised it can be to you, your partner and your loved ones. You can hire a spin the wheel and personalise all of the prompts around the edge. A perfect way to add some personalised fun that is UNIQUE to you and your loved ones.

4. Let’s talk performers

We have attended 100s of weddings and parties since starting our entertainment business in 2018 and in that time we have seen a variety of fun entertainment ideas. Some of these include hiring performers to attend your day – we have seen singing waiters, magicians, charicaturists & comedians. This is such a great way to personalise the day to what you and your partner love whilst providing your guests with entertainment that they: 1) have likely not seen before and 2) will remember!

3. Photo Challenge

This could link to our earlier idea of adding a fun challenge or game to your table centerpieces. Give your guests a photo challenge as part of their wedding favour set up – for example who can get a photo of the bride and groom? Of the brides Nan having a dance or the grooms parents playing golf? 

Not only does this idea entertain your guests – it will also mean a lot more candid moments from your special day will be captured. Make sure you ask your guests to share the images with you too!

2. Bubbles

This is such a beautiful trend and I would love to see more people giving it a go! A lot of venues are requesting no confetti (I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to pick up confetti but I can see why!) or at least bio-degradable confetti. However if you want something that is even more environmentally friendly why not have a bubble send off?! The photographs captured with a bubble send off are so beautiful!

A particularly good idea if you have some young ones joining you – everyone loves bubbles!

wedding couple bubbles
roulette casino hire game Landguard Manor

1. Remember – not everyone likes to dance!

This would be our top piece of advice. Not everyone at your evening reception will want to be dancing (although a good DJ or band will get the majority up for a while I’m sure!)

Think about alternative entertainment to keep all of your guests entertained, particularly in the earlier part of the evening.

Hiring a fun casino is an excellent way to keep your guests having fun and mingling.

guests playing roulette

Want to chat wedding entertainment? We have been leading providers of fun casino hire, mini golf hire, photo booth hire and more on the Isle of Wight since 2018.

Drop us an email or text & let’s chat. 

Images a mixture of own, Isle Click Photography & SJ Jones Photography